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Here you will find one of Texas`s finest… Ms. Tab Lloyd is a former “Ms. Black Dallas” crowned in 1995 and went on to place 1st runner up in the “Ms. Black Texas” pageant of the same year, even then she used a comedy skit as her talent which blew the judges away. The unpredictable, Dallas-bred, risk taking, emerging comic is in-arguably one of the most intriguing acts on the rise. Tab Lloyd started out this dream of entertaining at an early age. Her career with nothing more than hope and a dream in front of her, within a short time soon became one of Dallas’s most respected & requested acts. Starting her comedy career in Dallas, she has delighted audiences at Dallas at Backdoor Comedy, Improv Addison and Hyena’s of Dallas just to name a few.

Today, Tab Lloyd claims Las Vegas her new home. Tab Lloyd has been performing six years as a stand-up comic, with the last three of those years attacking audiences funny bone on the West Coast. During this time Tab Lloyd has won several comedy competitions including “Best Comic of Visalia” and “Emerging Comic 2011” for WCCC. She can be seen all over Las Vegas, including the popular strip venues. While living on the west coast, she has performed at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles and San Diego, not to mention a break-through performance at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

From 2005 to 2009 Tab Lloyd performed every Saturday with Vonda’s Soulful Saturday at Elm and Pearl Club in Dallas. Rapidly fans found her becoming an in-demand performer within her contagious array of unique & unpredictable impersonations. Tab’s oddly addictive style swagger has earned her several awards and roles leading to television, stage, publications and the big screen. Despite her nature to fly steadily below the world’s superstar radar, her work has given her little reason to hide. Her comic styles and materials are catching waves and predictions of hit appearances are well underway. She has broken down barriers for comics and club entertainers everywhere. She has gained legions of devoted fans in a statewide broadband who purred at the thought of her appearing in their home towns. Now, the master comic/entertainer, finds herself producing her own prank-call CD, stand-up LIVE CD and “AH-Ha Gottcha” DVD scheduled to drop in 2015. She has written and scheduled to produce her own series of stage plays by the Spring of 2016.

Early 2006 that’s when Tab Lloyd received a call from Mia Owens, program director at a popular satellite radio station seeking a high-energy, funny entertainment reporter. During the interview the chemistry was so magnetic, they made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. In this new position, Tab Lloyd used her knack for comedy and gossiping to her benefit –delivering daily gossip of celebrity dirt including several high-profile celebrity scandals until 2010 prior to relocating to Las Vegas.

Tab Lloyd looks to become one of the first “DALLAS” comics to make gains in the mainstream comedy markets. She finds herself chasing her dream as a comedian against the comic heavyweights she once grew to admire and support. Tab will be bigger and better in 2015, putting her production on her priority list and lining herself up against the best.

As an actress, Tab Lloyd has performed in what would be her first on-stage debut, in an elementary stage play titled “Presidency”. It was at this time she knew the career of choice would be in the entertainment industry. Tab Lloyd studied theater after high school where she later went on to do a variety of commercials and modeling for a variety of advertisements. Tab Lloyd has 22 stage plays appearances under her belt with lead roles, 13 stage plays where she was hired as the talented make-up artist/hair stylist and 9 stage plays where she directed/co-wrote and produced. It was in July of 2005, she had the opportunity to travel with the Big Top Circus as a “showgirl”, which toured across the United States. Later in 2006 she made an appearance on FOX’s hit show “Prison-break” and “Good Guys”. Thereafter, appearing in two music videos and 3 made for DVD movies starring today’s most popular celebrities.

With all this said, Tab Lloyd has powerfully pushed her dent into the comedy industry with inspiring noise on all levels. Her material span the diversified areas of entertainment and her freshly found ideas pushes the lead for cutting edge areas of comedy expressions– whether its on-stage, in front of a camera or behind the scene as a make-up artist, she creates it and makes it happen. Relentlessly rising as one of the nation’s comic luminaries displays the equal parts of her skill and sonic finesse, giving proof to the dream that living what you love can become a reality.

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